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View6/23/2016 4:16:17 AM196803141215.1K 3/26A 1/26

June 22, 2016

Dennis Mannion, a "C" 1/13 FO attached to K 3/26 on Hill 861 advised me that that the KIA from this event was not a 3/26 member.  He is PFC Walter TYRCZ Jr, KIA, a member of 2nd Platoon "A" 1/26, who were sent on the hill as replacements for Kilo's casualties.

TYRCZ Jr, Walter   PFC   KIA   "A" 1/26

View3/4/2016 1:17:56 AM196709079999.1    
View3/4/2016 12:50:52 AM196709079999.1I 3/26 

I 3/26 2nd Platoon Squad Leader

FLORA Larry Mad Dog Sgt KIA

View3/4/2016 12:50:03 AM196709070000I 3/26 

Quang Tri Province, Hostile, Ground casualty, Artillery, rocket, mortar

FLORA, Larry Vinson Sgt USMC KIA

View2/1/2016 10:37:36 AM196701090000I 3/26 

Thua Thien Province Non-Hostile died, Accident in billets


View1/23/2016 7:02:31 PM196703011525K 3/26 

Kilo 3 received heavy carbine fire from YD575265 and light SAF from YD575269 resulting in 1 USMC WIA. Kilo 3 returned fire and VC fled southeast. No further contact. No evidence of VC casualties.

Lioyd Lynn Baxter USMC WIA E

View4/17/2015 4:00:00 AM196705221650 G 2/9

1650H: A G 2/9 patrol discovered several natural caves in the vicinity of YD734134 that had recently been inhabited by the VC. The patrol searched the area with negative results.

View4/8/2015 3:59:32 PM196906232000I 3/26 

India 3 took 3 82mm rounds from an unknown grid.

View4/8/2015 3:57:17 PM196801240700.1 FAR BV 33

01240700H: The 33rd Royal Laotian Elephant Battalion (FAR BV-33) at the Ban Houei ( Ban Houaysan) abandoned airstrip located at XD625379, was overran by the 1st Bn, 24th Reg, 304th Division (NVA), supplemented by one company of 8, PT-76 amphibious tanks. (BoK Pg 139-1)

View4/8/2015 3:49:35 PM196801311430 USA SF

( LATE ENTRY in SitRep #368) 01311430H: 3 platoons from Lang Vei Special Forces Camp made contact with 3 enemy companies in the vicinity of XD810373. The Friendlies withdrew and air strikes were run. Results 20 NVA KIAC and several weapons captured. Do not add totals to 26th Marines.

View4/8/2015 3:47:05 PM196801271530 B 1/26

LATE ENTRY FROM SitRep #355. Reference my SitRep #354 para. 3D. "The force that took their platoon under fire cosisted of 5 NVA in spider holes. Results: Five spider holes destroyed. Add 1 NVA KIAC, and ? ChiCom grenade. (The total NVA KIA may be up to 5.)NED


(Entree needs to be corrected). NED

View4/8/2015 3:41:21 PM196801240830.2 FAR BV 33

"Late Entry" in SitRep #339. 33Rd Battalion reported 1 tank destroyed by the air strike.

View3/10/2015 2:27:29 AM196812031040 A 1/7

A 1/7 tripped a ChiCom grenade booby trap in the vicinity of AT997587 wounding 2 USMC personnel.

View2/28/2015 2:49:14 PM196903171215*I 3/26, L 3/26VMO - 2

0317115H: An OV-10A from VMO-2 supported India and Lima 3/26 in field operations.

Registered H 3/11 AT861717.

Observed trail from AT840710 to AT855708 to AT859705 and paralleling blue line to east.  Well used trail.

Observed possible cave entrances at AT858688.

Worked with "BRIGHT LAD INDIA" at  ZC217463 where they observed rockets were launched from - negative sightings. "INDIA" started arty at grid when we departed area.

Worked with "BRIGHT LAD LIMA" and relieved "COWPOKE 8" on station.  "LIMA" had received small arms and .50 cal rounds from AT845502.  "HOSTAGE M" ran fixed wing at grid with the following results;   "HELLBORN 220", AT849502,  on 1300H - off 1309H, 80/negative BDA, expended rockets and miniguns.

Took smal arms fire from AT855497, reported by "BRIGHT LAD 14".  Ordinance expended: 13 (HE) rockets, 13 (WP) rockets, 500, 7.62 rounds.

A/C  Buno  155409
Pilot  Capt Sower  -  "HOSTAGE MIKE"
AO Lt Strooband  -  "HEADCOLD 62"

Flight hours 1115H to 1400H   Flight time 2.7 hrs

View2/28/2015 2:39:09 PM196903171130.2L 3/26VMO-2

03170700H: A UH-1E gunship helicopter from VMO-2 supported field operations of Lima 3/26. The duty hours were from 0700H to 1305H, during that time the aircraft flew 2.9 hours, 19 sorties, took enemy fire, returned fire with 48 rockets and 4,000 rounds (machine gun ammo). Made 3 different flights to evacuate 3 USMC emergency casualties.

MMAF > AT838378 VR WX > AH > AT8449 > Took Fire & returned AH (R) > 8449 took & received fire, AH > AT8449 pick up emergency medevac (ll E) > AH > 8449 received & returned fire > AH > AT854504 returned & took .50 cal fire > AH > returned & took fire > AH > AT806478 pick up emerg medevac (ll I) > G-4 > MMAF.

A/C # 4
Crew Chief LEFLER
Gunner COVER

View2/28/2015 3:44:13 AM196903171130L 3/26 

Lima 2 received enemy 30 caliber and sniper fire resulting in 4 USMC KIA and 5 USMC WIA. Lima 2 returned fire killing 1 NVA wearing a helmet and flack jacket.



View2/28/2015 3:38:27 AM196903171530L 3/26VMO - 2

03171530:  An OV-10A from VMO - 2:  ran airstrike and arty mission in support  of L 3/26, at grid coordinates AT 845499.  The nature of the target, two active 50 cal sites.

Hell Born 466, TOT 1345/1355, 80/80, Neg DBA.

Deerlodge Alpha, TOT 1710/1725, # of rounds 15, 8 fighting holes destroyed, 30 meters of trenchline.

A/C OV - 10A  Buno # 155423
Pilot Maj Conner
A/O Spivey

One flight, one mission.

Flight hours from 1515H to 1725H

Flight time 2.3 hrs

View2/28/2015 3:04:09 AM196903090000M 3/26 (India?) 

Quang Nam Province.  Hostile. Ground casualty.  Gun or small arms fire.


View2/28/2015 2:18:50 AM196903160000I 3/26 

Quang Nam, Hostile, Ground casualty, Misadventure.  Friendly mortar fire.


View2/27/2015 3:11:31 PM196903171130.2L 3/26VMO-2

Entry in VMO-2s Command Chronology report - On 17 March 1969 two VMO-2 aircraft (1UH-1E and 1 OV-10A) were involved in an emergency medevac in support of BRITE Lad Lima located at AT851502 and AT851504. The UH-1E and the OV-10A delivered suppressive fire to help Brite Lad Lima then in heavy enemy contact. One active .50cal site was destroyed by the OV-10A and the second active .50cal was credited to the UH-1E gunship. The gunship received one round resulting in a minor wound to the gunner. The two types of aircraft proved to compliment each other in coordinated fire suppression missions.

View2/27/2015 2:43:57 PM196903171500L 3/26VMO-2

03171500*H:  An OV-10A from VMO-2 supported Lima 3/26, while in contact with the NVA.

VR'd for Auditor AA site at AT895505. 
Worked for Lynch Law "H", fired Deer Lodge "A" at bunkers in the treeline  AT88751*9 (the 1 could be a 7).
Was diverted to Bright Lad Lima and fired Black Bottom at AA site, ******** holes and bunkers AT849501. 

(The copy of the AAR for this flight is very, very poor.  I believe that Take Off for the aircraft was at about 1500H, something. It was virtually impossible to get any useful information from the back page.  I gained a little more information from the front page but it to was difficult to read.)Ned

A/C # ??
BUNO 155413
Pilot Capt R A BRACY

View2/27/2015 6:07:40 AM196903171130.1L 3/26 

Patrol engagement. Quang Nam Province, Hostile, Ground casualty, Small arms fire.

THORNE, Joseph Clayton Jr   PFC   USMC  KIA

View2/27/2015 6:03:17 AM196903171130.1L 3/26 

Patrol engagement. Quang Nam Province, Hostile, Ground casualty, Small arms fire.

JACOBS,  Vernon Duane   PFC   USMC  KIA

View2/27/2015 6:00:18 AM196903171130.1L 3/26 

Patrol engagement. Quang Nam Province, Hostile, Ground casualty, Small arms fire.

BEAUMONT, Herbert Michael  LCpl  USMC KIA

View2/27/2015 5:58:22 AM196903171130.1L 3/26 2nd Platoon 

Patrol engagement. Quang Nam Province, Hostile, Ground casualty, Small arms fire.

DAVIS, Charles Edward Jr  LCpl  USMC  KIA

View2/27/2015 5:34:47 AM196903180000H&S 3/26 

Quang Nam Province. Hostile. Ground casualty. The defensive position of BLT 3/26 CP was hit by 82mm mortar rounds.

KNOEFERL, Kenneth Joseph   GSgt  USMC  KIA

View2/23/2015 3:10:39 AM196801201400.2 B 1/26

1201400.2H: One NVA soldier at XD855417 with an AK-47 and carrying a white flag gave self up to B2 1/26 patrol. The suspect was turned over to ITT. Add 1 detainee and 1 IWC.

View2/23/2015 1:34:29 AM196902110000M 3/26 

Quang Nam Province.  Hostile, ground casualty. framentation wounds.


View2/23/2015 1:07:08 AM196906170500M 3/26 

Mike Company sighted approximately 35 VC/NVA moving south at AT904822. The unit called in a fire mission. The area was searched by Mike 2 and found 2 VC/NVA KIA numerous clothing and 782 gear and blood trails leading east.

View2/23/2015 12:52:52 AM196801271530 B 1/26

LATE ENTRY from SitRep #352 Re: 01271530H, "ADD THE FOLLOWING". A reaction force was called to the area to assist the patrol. The patrol had uncovered a fighting hole and dropped a grenade in the hole critically wounding the NVA in the hole. Many other spider holes were found in the area by the patrol and the reaction force, who had continued on their mission. C 1/26 from their lines observed mortar flashes and rounds landed in the patrol's area. 1/26 called fires on the mortar at XD860429. Target coverage was good but results could not be observed. The NVA were believed to be a recon unit from an infantry battalion. They were wearing cloth over their faces and heads which blended with the elephant grass. The bodies were stripped of equipment, documents and weapons. Captured weapons and equipment: 1 RPG-2, 1 SKS, 2 ChiCom grenades, 1 AK-47, and assorted documents. Plans are to cover the same areatommorrow. Casualties: Add 3 Friendly WIAF, 1 WIANE, 1 KIA.

UZZELL, Frank N, Pvt USMC KIA D 1/26

View2/21/2015 9:51:45 PM196709041600L 3/26 

At 1600H Lima 3/26 at YD304564 a PF found 1 large serrated ChiCom grenade at the above coordinates. The grenade was found on a sign used to intimidate voters. The grenade was destroyed in place.

View2/21/2015 9:39:47 PM196709040055 3/4 CP

At 0055H the 3/4 CP at YD114701 received 52 rounds of 85mm artillery and recoilless rifle fire. Returned fire with D/S (direct support) NED weapons.

View2/21/2015 9:36:30 PM196709030000.2 12th Marines

INTELLIGENCE As reports indicated during the previous months enemy activity just prior to during and subsequent to the South Vietnamese National Election (3 September) increased over the previous 3 months. It was characterized by artillery attacks against DONG HA Combat Base and subsequent heavy artillery rocket and mortar attacks against the out posts of C-2 (YD1364) CAM LO (YD1461) and CON THIEN (YD1170. GIO LIN (YD2174) continued to be shelled by artillery to a lesser degree than CON THIEN. Propaganda leaflets were delivered by mortar shells against CON THIEN and C-2. Toward the end of the month enemy activity lessened. Sightings and contacts were few. Harassing and Interdiction fires continued against C-2, CON THIEN and GIO LINH.

View2/21/2015 9:18:08 PM1967082100003/26 

Commanding Officer

ALDERMAN H L Lt/Col (21-31)

View2/16/2015 3:10:04 AM1967090817003/26HMM-363

Two helicopters from HMM-363 made 4 trips from YD146678 to DONG HA evacuating 10 emergency and 22 priority casualties.

(HMM-363 sent total of 4 aircraft from the DA NANG area to DONG HA to help.)NED

A/C # YZ-73                                        YZ-76
Pilot COURTNEY,                              RM MURRAY
Co-Pilot LANCASTER,                      KESSLER
Crew Chief McDUN?L?                    HILL GW
Gunner HAEUSER                             S? HIL??

Flight times were 0705H-1830H (MMAF to MMAF)

View2/15/2015 11:42:02 PM196709100000L 3/26 

Quang Tri Prov, Hostile, Ground casualty, Artillery, rocket, mortar Hill 48, 4 km, south and some west of Con Thien


View2/15/2015 11:33:35 PM196709100000I 3/26  


View2/15/2015 11:28:25 PM196709071150I 3/26 

India Companys two platoons while patrolling west of the Battalion perimeter began receiving small arms fire from 3 sides by an unknown number of enemy at YD110670. The initial fire resulted in 3 USMC WIA. A base of fire was established using small arms fire, M-60 and M-79 and the company attempted to move forward but received 2 USMC KIA. The intensity of the enemy fire prevented the recovery of 1 KIA in a bomb crater but the remainder of the casualties were recovered.


View2/15/2015 11:25:56 PM196709070945 L 3/4

At 0945H 4 breeches were located in the double apron fence at the northeast corner of the CON THIEN perimeter. They were 10ft 10ft, 15ft, and 20ft, blown by Bangalore torpedoes. The wire was repaired.

View12/2/2014 5:48:08 AM196801201400 B 1/26

Capt Ken PIPES:  Early in the afternoon  2nd Platoon of B 1/26 reported the presence of a possible NVA waving a white flag on the northwestern side of the runway… With the Ontos on the range covering us, a fire team from 2nd Platoon, the Ontos Officer and * moved some 500 meters outside the wire... The NVA soldier reappeared and surrendered. He was a lieutenant.

Capt PIPES, K W CO, B 1/26

View11/14/2014 8:23:35 AM196802230000M 3/26 

Quang Tri Province, Khe Sanh, Hill 881S. Hostile, Ground casualty, Artillery, rocket, mortar.

Gunny Wire, the Company Gunny and Gunny Robitaille, the Weapons Platoon Commander, both were killed on 23 February 1968.

"Gunny Wire and Gunny Robitaille had dug themselves a nice-sized foxhole down in the middle of one of those 2,000-pound bomb craters, so they were already 16 feet below ground. Then they dug another six feet down. They were sitting down in there, and one of these things (incoming rounds) came in and landed right in that hole.  They were both killed ..."

"Battalion of Kings" pg. 210 pr. 5,  A book by Chaplain Ray William Stubbe.   Available at


View9/10/2014 3:55:14 AM196709100000M 3/26 

Operation Kingfisher. Quang Tri Province. Hostile, Ground casualty, Small arms fire.

MEISTER, George Frederick   PFC   USMC   KIA

View8/24/2014 2:24:39 AM196612152047.1I 3/26 

(See 12152047 Entry)


View8/19/2014 5:15:06 AM196706270000I 3/26CAC Oscar

Quang Tri Province, Hostile, Ground casualty, Atrillery- Rockets- Mortar


View6/30/2014 2:26:13 AM196812220000H&S 3/26,  

On patrol Quang Nam Province.  Hostile, ground casualty, gun, small arms fire.


View6/3/2014 1:59:47 PM196806180700M 3/26 

Mike Company while providing security for the THOUNG DUC motor convoys received several 60mm mortar rounds in the vicinity of ZC 193559. Intense artillery fire was returned but results could not be observed. Throughout the day several landmines were uncovered and destroyed in place. Results were 2 USMC KIA 5 USMC WIA.

PFC Ronnie D Davis    USMC KIA

PFC Jimmie F Gentry   USMC KIA

PFC David W Jorgensen  USMC  WIA, (DoW 06/19/1968)

View5/11/2014 12:07:12 PM196803061530* 311 ACS, 315 ACW USAF

03061530H: A US Air Force C-123K on final approach to the Khe Sanh Combat Base air strip was directed to execute a go-around as a VNAF Birdog without radio communications with the tower was making a landing on the strip in the opposite direction. The C-123 made a right hand turn which took over NVA anti-aircraft guns. The aircraft was hit several times and it crashed approximately 7 km east of the Combat Base at XD933404. The 3 crew mwmbers and 44 passengers were all killed in the crash.

SSGT William Frank Anselmo 15th APS,   SSGT Noel Luis Rios 15th APS,   SGT Jeffrey Francis Conlin 311 ACS,   LTC Frederick Jordan Hampton 31 ACS,   1LT Ellis Eugene Helgeson Jr 311 ACS,   SGT Dallas Henry Moore 311 ACS,   PFC George L Elliott III A 1/13,   CPL Larry Scott Kennedy A 1/13,   CPL Vic Manuel Pizarro A 1/13,   PVT Domingo Rodriguez Jr H&S 1/26,   PFC Thomas Hansford Williams H&S 1/26,   PFC Blucher Ray Hall H&S 1/26,   PFC David George Anderson H&S 1/26,   PFC Charles Goodhue Boyer H&S 1/26,   PFC James Andrew Grzegorek H&S 1/26,   PFC Ralph Edward Higgs H&S 1/26,   PFC Howard Eslie Hollar H&S 1/26,   PFC Robert John Horvath H&S 1/26,   PFC Roger Carl Minch H&S 1/26,   PFC Thomas John Moss Jr H&S,   PFC Ronnie Calvin Presley H&S 1/26,   PFC John Malcolm Russell Jr H&S 1/26,   CPL Michael Sears H&S 1/26,   MSGT Howard Bert Waldron H&S 1/26,   PFC Stephen Alan West H&S 1/26,   PFC Donald Royce Bumstead H&S 1/26,   LCPL Louis Gains Taylor A 1/26,   CPL William Lee Terrel A 1/26,   LCPL Robert Lee Vickers A 1/26,   PFC Willis Beauford Jr B 1/26,   CPL Joseph Paul Brignac B 1/26,   LCPL Winford McCosar B 1/26,   CPL Ronald Royce Ryan B 1/26,   PFC Herbert Ray Aldridge B 1/26,   CPL Stanley Grant Strong C 1/26,   PFC Dennis Michael Mead D 1/26,   PFC George Eugene Beale 2/26,  LCPL John Howard Clark Jr 2/26,   CPL Samuel Percell Robinson 2/26,   PFC James Otis Taylor,   LCPL Andrew Jackson F 2/26,   PFC Paul Everett Hicks G 2/26,   PFC Harry K Latshaw G 2/26,   PFC Joseph Anthony Marturano Jr G 2/26,   PFC James Ezra Moore G 2/26,    PFC Richard James O'Hare G 2/26,   PFC Daryl Bert Terhune Jr 2/26,   CPL Dennis J Medeiros H 2/26,   PFC James Edward Miles H 2/26,   LCPL Hollis Williams Jr H 2/26,   HN Louis Joseph Toner H&S 3/26,   LCPL Thomas MacMillan K 3/26,   LCPL Kenneth Allan Stanciu K 3/26,   PFC David Raymond Wienckoski L 3/26,   LCPL James Herbert Smith Jr H 2/3,   PFC Michael Douglas Gray H&S FLSG Alpha,   Robert Ellison Civilian War Phtographer

View5/6/2014 2:14:14 PM196901131315BLT 3/26HMM-164

01131300H: Two CH-46A helicopters from HMM-164 carried .9 ton of cargo and transported 97 Marines in 22 sorties. From USS Tripoli to USS Ogden , 11 times. In support of BLT 3/26 and Operation Bold Mariner.

A/C# YT-3
Pilot WILSON, D.D.
Copilot FOCHT, R.M.
Crew Chief STOOPS, R.L.
Gunner MELTON, J.E.

A/C# YT-7
Pilot FETZER, S.E.
Copilot BERRY, T. L.
Crew Chief HIAN, R. L.
Gunner CASHMAN, M.

View5/6/2014 2:11:48 PM196904271130I 3/267th Marines

Operation Oklahoma Hills. Quang Nam Province. Hostile, Died of wounds, Ground casualty, Small arms fire.

WIAE 04262100H, DOW Navy Hospital Da Nang at 04271130H.

MOORE, James Charles SSgt  USMC KIA (DOW)

View5/6/2014 2:08:31 PM196904181000 HMM-263

HMM-263 CH-46 medevac at ZC168613 casulaty taken to NSA.

A/C EG-11
Co-pilot ROBISON D B
Crew Chief McBURNEY J E
Gunner EWING L R

Flight hours 0830-1130H