List of Viet Nam Books

The books listed here are ones Kevin has collected over the years and Nik suggested we list them on the site to assist visitors looking for books covering specific topics, actions, units or locations. There are about 400 books in the database and using the fields below it is possible to search the list based on a variety of criteria most of which is self explanatory. Index refers to whether or not the book includes an index. Summary can be searched using keywords (POW, helicopter, Khe Sanh, corpsman, etc). Type is an effort to characterize the book in general (memoir, reference, picture book, oral history etc). The entire list can be sorted by clicking on any of the blue column titles.

While the books are not available for loan, I'd be happy to determine whether they cover something specific for you. If you have suggestions for books to add to the list or would like more information about a particular book contact Kevin using the link at the bottom of the page.

Title Author Summary
Branch Unit Years
Type Index Kevin's Favorite

ViewNone So BlindAllen, George   memoir of a CIA analyst with 3 years in VN
ViewWho the Hell are We FightingHiam, Michael    Sam Adams and the MACV/CIA fight over Order of Battle
ViewInto the Mouth of the CatMcConnell, MalcolmAir Force  story of pilot Lance Sijan, CMOH, capture, escapte attempts
ViewCasualtiesBrandon, HeatherCivilian  Stories of family members of Vietnam KIA
ViewOne Day Too LongCastle, TimothyAir Force  The story of Lima Site 85 in Laos
ViewA Bright Shining LieSheean, NeilArmy  biography of John Paul Vann and history of the war
ViewLong Binh JailCurrey, CecilArmy  Oral History of Long Binh Jail
ViewPathfinderBurns, RichardArmy  pathfinder with the 101st and 1cav Div, two tours
ViewStalking the VietcongHerrington, StuartArmy  same book as Silence Was a Weapon
ViewThe Long Gray LineAtkinson, RickArmy  Follows the USMA Class of '66 through their careers
ViewThe Tunnels of Cu ChiMongold, G; PenycateArmy  stories of both sides serving in the Cu Chi area
ViewVietnam Order of battleStanton, ShelbyArmy  valuable ref for units, locations, wepns, primarily Army
ViewWorking Class WarAppy, ChristianArmy  stories following vets from induction, basic, Vn, dischar
ViewThe Arrogance of PowerSummers, AnthonyCivilian  Nixon biography
ViewThe cat From HueLaurence, JohnCivilian  memoir of CBS News reporter in VN
ViewCombat Corpsman: SEAL Medic NavySEAL regular Navy Corpsmanends up in SEAL team w/o SEAL training
ViewFortunate SonPuller, LewiSUSMCG/2/1 1st mar Div Puller autobiography
ViewInside Force ReconLanning, M;StubbeUSMC1st Force Recon history of Force Recon from WWII to VN, KIA list, CO list
ViewA Grand DelusionMann, Robert   history of the wat 1949-1975
ViewA Noble Cause?Degroot, Gerard   history of the war
ViewAir Power and the Ground War in VNMrozek, Donald   analysis of airpower and the ground war
ViewFire In The LakeFitzgerald, Frances   History of Vietnam with Vietnamese and American sections
ViewHow to Locate Anyone Who…MilitaryJohnson, R; Knox, D   reference book of tools for searching for individuals, dated
ViewInside the VC and NVALanning, M; Cragg, D   recruiting, training, arms, supplies, logistics of the VC and NVA
ViewJohn McCain: American OdesseyTimberg, Robert   biography of McCain
ViewLeading the WaySantoli, AL   How VN veterans rebuilt the US Military - VN to Desert Storm
ViewNot a Gentleman's WarMilam, Ron   junior officers in VN, selection, training, performance
ViewOn StrategySummers, Harry   An examination of US war strategy
ViewPAVNPike, Douglas   history, organization, strategy, ideologyof the PAVN
ViewSeven Firefights in VietnamCash, H and others   stories of selected actions Ia Drang, Dak To, Lang Vei, others
ViewSoldiers of MisfortuneSanders, J and others   history of American POW's from WWII to Vietnam
ViewSummons of the TrumpetPalmer, dave   histpory of the war from '54 to '75, written by Army general
ViewThe Certain TrumprtKinnard, Douglas   history of the war focusing on Gen Maxwell taylor
ViewThe Living and the DeadHendrickson, Paul   History of the War built around Robert McNamara biography
ViewThe Vietnam WarLawrence, Mark    book subtitled: A Consise International history '61- '75
ViewThe War managersKinnard, Douglas   results of a survey of American generals, strategy, media, etc
ViewVietnam An American ordealMoss, George   History of the War
ViewVietnam and AmericaGettleman, Marvin   collection of articles, much antiwar, Ho Chi Minh
ViewVietnam Military LoreBows, Ray   stories of the indiviuals for whom bases, LZ's FSB's were named
ViewVietnam Weapons HandbookRosser-Owen, David   reference book on ground weapons of both sides
ViewVietnam: The Necessary WarLind, Michael   history of the war political and military
ViewVietnam: The Roots of ConflictBain, Chester   professor of East Asian Studies traces history of Vietnam
ViewVolcano Under SnowColvin, John   biography of Vo Nugyen Giap
ViewWar Tornbartimus and others   stories by women reporters in vietnam about their experiences
ViewWhere They laySwift, Earl   recovery mission to srch for remains in Laos from Lam Son 719
ViewA Band of BrothersMcDonald, WalterAir Force  Novel, collection of fighter pilots
ViewA Lonely Kind of WarHarrison, MarshallAir Force19th TASS memoir of an OV-10 pilot in 19th Tass at Di An, 1st Inf Div
ViewCheating DeathMarrett, GeorgeAir Force  memoir of pilot in 602nd fighter squadron Udorn Thailand
ViewLinebakerEschmann, KarlAir Force  focus is on Linebaker II/Christmas Bombing, Linebaker I also
ViewCharlie MikeScott, LeonardArmy75th Inf novel about LRRRPs
ViewFNGBodey, DonaldArmy  novel
ViewPhantom Warriors Book 2Linderer, garyArmy75th Inf collection of stories of LRP units in various div and Bdes
ViewRecondoChambers, LarryArmyLRRP/101st Div Recondo Nha Trang, missions, Recondo handouts appendix
ViewSix Silent Menmartinex, ReynelArmyLRRP/101st Div history of the LRRPS in the 1st brigade of the 101st
ViewSix Silent, Book 3Linderer, garyArmyL/75th Inf/101st Div history of L Co 75th Infantry in the 101st Div
ViewSo That Other Might LiveWilliams, GlennArmy  collection of stories of Dustoff
ViewThe Real War:The Classic Reporting…Schell, JonathanCivilian  history, Ben Suc 19__, I Corps 67/68, old news reports
ViewA Corpsman's LegacyHansen, StephanieNavyHMM 364 HMM364, adopted woman searches for info on birth father KIA
ViewFaith of My FathersMcCain, JohnNavy  McCain's story of father/grandfather impact on his time as POW
ViewFlight of the InntruderCoonts, StephenNavy  novel about A-6 pilots and raid on Hanoi
ViewA Missing PeaceSeiple, RobertUSMC  former marine pilot now head of relief agency
ViewFinal SaluteSheler, JimUSMC  stories of casualty notification duty
ViewHappy Hunting GroundMartin, RussUSMC  Korean War marine vet reports on life as a grunt in RVN
ViewMarine SniperHenderson, CharlesUSMC1st Mar Div story of Carlos hathcock, marine sniper with the 1st Mar Div
ViewThe Father of All ThingsBissel, TomUSMC  son of vet recounts family impacts, trip back to VN with dad
View365 DaysGlasser, Ronald   a doctor's memoir, hospital in Japan
ViewA Piece of My HeartWalker, Keith   oral history of women in VN, appendix with women units
ViewAfter The Flag is FoldedZacharias, Karen   KIA's daughter recounts impact on family, travels to Ia Drang
ViewBrothers in ArmsBroyles, William   former platoon leader returns to Vietnam in 1984
ViewDauDodge, Ed   novel
ViewDear America: Letters Home from VNBernard, Ed   actual letters written home from personnel in RVN
ViewDispatchesHerr, Michael   stories with much material used in the movie Platoon
ViewFighting MenMorris, Jim    
ViewNam Baker, Mark   oral histories covering induction, basic, AIT,war, coming home
ViewpatriotsAppy, Christian   A collection of articles and oral histories from all sides
ViewRemains Non ViewableYoung, John   the story of a family of a KIA and the impact on them
ViewSchrapnel in the HeartPalmer, laura   stories behind the things left at the Wall
ViewSoldiers OnceWhitney, Catherine   sister of vet recounts brothers life and early death after VN
ViewSurvivors: American POW's in VietnamGrant, Zalin   oral history of POW's, includes several enlisted guys
ViewTell it to the DeadKirk, Donald   a negative history from a reporter's point of view
ViewThe New Face of WarBrowne, malcom   journalists view of the early war in '64/'65
ViewTo Bear Any BurdenSantoli, AL   collection of stories of impact of war on individuals - US and Viet
ViewTouring NamGreenburg, Agustus   oral histories, FNG to DEROS
ViewVery Crazy GIJorgenson, Kregg   collection of stories of unusual actions and events in Vietnam
ViewVietnam: A ReaderzABECKI, David   collection of stories and articles on the war and aftermath
ViewVietnam: The Other Side of GloryKimball, William   oral histories of combat vets in Vietnam
ViewVietnam:The heartland Remembes    oral history, very brief chapters
ViewWebsters Dictionary of the VN WarLepson, Marc Ed   short narratives on people, places, actions etc
ViewWriting under FireKilnkowitz/Sommer   collection of stories, civilian and military
ViewWalking It OffPeacock, Doug    
ViewDien Bien PhuRoy, Jules  1954History of Dien Bien Phu campaign in 1954
ViewThe Bay of PigsJones, Howard  1961history of the Bay of Pigs assault in 1961, Cuba
ViewA Death In NovemberHammer, EllenCivilian 1963history of Diem assination events Jan- Nov 1963
ViewThe Battle of Ap BacToczek, David  1963history of the pivotal battle of Ap Bac in 1963
ViewTonkin Gulf and the Escalation of….Moise, EdwinNavy 1964detail on Gulf incident, OPLAN 34a, Desoto, background
ViewWe are Soldiers StillMoore, H; GallowayArmy1st/7th Cav/1st Cav Div1965Gen Moore and Galloway return to the Ia Drang meet NVA
ViewWe Were Soldiers OnceMoore, H; GallowayArmy7th Cav/1st Cav Div1965story of the LZ X-Ray and LZ Albany actions in 65
Viewmarshalling the FaithfulHenderson, CharlesUSMC 1965Marines in Vietnam 1965, initial operations
ViewThe First Battle: Operation StarliteLehrack, OttoUSMC3/3 3rd mar Div1965Operation Starlite in 1965, 3/3, 2/4, includes VC side interviews
ViewThe ExpendablesScott, LeonardArmy 1965novel about grunts in the 1st Cav Div in 1965, Ia Drang

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