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DateTime Group08290900*
3/26 UnitL 3/26
Other UnitCAP P - 2
Map GridYD277576
ActivityLima Company moved to CAP P-2 in the vicinity of YD277576 which it used as a base of operations for a County Fair operation in the area (YD2652)-(YD3058). This was part of Operation LIBERTY (9th Marines Operation Order 14-67).

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  • Name: Nik Dunbar
    Story Posted: 3/2/2012 11:07:17 PM
    Story: The County Fair is one of the first experiences I remember with Lima Company. Somewhere in my training prior to arriving in Vietnam, I had seen a film of Marines taking part in County Fair operations.  I remember thinking that the activities looked like a bit out of place in a war zone, and yet there was a good idea about the concept and hoping that I would have the opportunity to have that experience when I was in Vietnam.  The CAP program with the Marines and the PFs working together to protect the village was also an idea I found very appealing.  I thought that would be a good job to have.

    Our primary duties that day were to secure the village; no one comes in or leaves the village, and the searching of the people’s homes and property for contraband.  Having too much rice, was almost as serious an offence as having a weapon.  Welcome to Vietnam.

    A squad member took three or four of us “boots”, in the heart of the activity and explained to us what was going on.  The Marine band and Vietnamese actors provided entertainment, storytelling and propaganda, reminding the local people that we were the good guys.  The Corpsmen were there to treat people’s ailments and to make friends.  The CAP Marines and CAP PFs helped the National Police check the villagers’ identification papers and deal with those that were suspected VC or sympathizers of the VC point of you.  It would take a while for me to learn that being taken away by the National Police was never a good experience for the Vietnamese people.  Any male person of military age found in a village was immediately suspected of being a VC or VC sympathizer, until he produced leave papers from his unit.  The CAP PFs were of military age and they usually lived in that village or in a near-by village, of course they always had identification papers on their person.


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