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DateTime Group02231412
3/26 UnitI 3/26
Other Unit 
Map GridXD724459
PlaceHill 881S
ActivityIndia Company received 3 rounds of enemy artillery from the vicinity of XD724459. Air strikes were directed by an AO and artillery missions were fired from the KHE SANH Combat Base.

Results were 2 USMC KIA.
Casualty2 USMC KIA

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  • Name: Patrick J Cardines
    Comment Posted: 9/4/2012 7:16:38 AM
    Description: I was one of two spotters manning the ship scope, the other was Mike Niuatoa to spot potential target of opportunity.  He was the one who spotted artillery sights in Laos and directed spotter planes to mark the target for air strikes, artillery strikes were also directed at those sites.  For his efforts, he was awarded the bronze star   I have no knowledge of artillery rounds hitting 881 S, had it done so, there wouldn't be an 881 S.  My foxhole was in direct line when they fired at Khe Sanh, I heard it constantly buzzing overhead en route to it's target.

    One of my duties was to scan 881N and the southern ridge line when choppers are inbound to resupply or pick up WIA or KIA.  One day, I finally spotted the puff of smoke from a 120 mm mortar tube which was targeting our LZ for the longest time,  After the choppers left, we called in our 81's, walked it in and blew the hell out of that site.

    There was also a AA gun placement directly north of our M.A.'s and 50 cal position.  Like usual the only time they would fire was when choppers are inbound or outbound.  One day I was lucky to spot double flashes coming from a position on 881 N.  With the help of the M machine gun team spotting with the ship scope and my M-14 with tracers which I zeroed in, we waited patiently for the next resupply chopper to land.  We didn't have to wait long, another chopper came in and when we saw those double flashes again, we jointly eliminated that AA gun by using the ship scope and M-14..  We celebrated after more choppers landed without any sight of flashes coming from that site. 

    Many incidents happened without Capt. Dabney knowing, we just did whatever we needed to survive.  Some of us went on without recognition, deep inside, I guess it was just a duty to the Marine Corp.  I thank these few good men for all they did, I know they helped save many lives.


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