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DateTime Group12080000
3/26 UnitI 3/26
Other Unit 
Map GridBT0009607
PlaceVicinity of Dong Tien 2, 6 km W-NW of Dien Ban
ActivityOperation Meade River. Quang Nam Province. Hostile, Ground casualty, Small arms fire.
NameJALBERT, David Michael LCpl USMC KIA

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  • Name: Terry Hicks
    Comment Posted: 11/18/2013 5:53:43 PM

    David and I arrived in Viet Nam about the same time and were assigned to the same squad and "fire team".  We had spent the entire day in a " bomb crater "  on the 8th of Dec and were not supposed to move that day. Heavy ground fire from the NVA and another Marine unit kept us from moving around that day, but late in the day the order was made for us to pack up and move forward just 50 yds. It was a fatefull mistake for we were caught in  the rice field with no cover at all and just a few yds from the tree line where we were ambushed from.  An order from Capt Hoover was called for us to back up to a near ' paddy dike" for cover. When I made it back to the dike my fire team leader Red Webster told me to get my pack off and go back out ( with the aid of Rick " Rick the radio man " Hawkins and retreve the bodies of David Jalbert and Lt Weber.  David was reported to still be alive and Lt Webber  KIA, just the opposite . Jalbert was dead and Lt Webber was alive but mortally wounded and died soon after we got him back to the paddy dike.  Rick and I made the two trips under heavy fire and drug their bodies back to the dike.


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